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Poster: Joshua Smith Date: May 9, 2008 4:41pm
Forum: general Subject: Why doesn't IA push the use of Firefox Search Applets?

I pushed earlier, offering to code a Firefox search applet for the Internet Archive (primarily for the Texts division) - only to find that multiple people have already created these little-known, terribly useful features.

See:;category=29 for an applet by Tahir Azhar;submitform=Find%20search%20plugins for applets specific to texts, video, etc by Stephen Judge

These applets are a key way that corporations like Google ensure their own "prominence" in the minds of web users - because once installed, suddenly it's "convenient" and also hard to forget about that short, something IA could stand to have going in its favour.

So I'm having trouble understanding why more hasn't been done to publicise, encourage the use of, and make available these applets? A small link on the main site, with separate links on the main "Texts" site to a text-specific applet, or "Videos" for a video-specific applet and such.

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